About Us

We are a small breeder located just outside Portland, Oregon. We focus on quality AKC and ASCA Australian Shepherds. Here at Elk Ridge Australian Shepherds we strive to produce dogs that are structurally correct meeting the breed standard, with sound minds and great temperaments. We breed/raise Aussies that are versatile and excel in just about anything. (Performance sports, service/therapy dogs, conformation, and loyal pets). 

Our dogs are all house dogs with access to a huge fenced yard and 22 acre farm. Our dogs spend their everyday lives with us. Aussies are known as "velcro dogs" who want to be with their human(s) at all times. We have just a small number of dogs in our pack to ensure they are getting the attention and enrichment they each deserve. Our lives really do revolve around our dogs as every day we take them somewhere that is going to be good exercise, enrichment, and/or socialization. We enjoy taking them on off leash hikes, agility lessons, dock diving, swimming at the river, handling classes, or just running errands. At Elk Ridge Australian Shepherds, dogs are family. 

It is our goal to produce dogs that do not have issues that will affect them or their owners. Our breeding stock comes from champion lines with generations of health testing. Temperament and health are first priorities for us in our breeding dogs. We want all of our puppies to enjoy happy, healthy lives with their new families and will carefully place each one only with families we are sure will provide a loving safe home. Here at Elk Ridge Australian Shepherds we preserve and protect the Australian Shepherd breed we are so passionate about.